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Laptop Stand

New Update Laptop Desk Stand, More Sturdy

Q:Do you often feel uncomfortable in your eyes neck and vertebra when you sit to work in office/home ?

A:It may be because your computer is placed too low, you only need a laptop stand to rise up it.

Q: Are you worried about the instability of the laptop stand when you knock on the keyboard?

A: The Laptop stand design in double axis and screw reinforced, which greatly enhanced the stability of the laptop stand.

Q: Are you worrying about compatibility of this laptop stand?

A:As long as your laptop size is between 10~16 inches, This notebook stand is perfectly applicabled in various types laptops, It can sustain a maximum weight of 11.02lb (5kg).

Q:Why should you choose our laptop stand?

A: laptop stand is added the rotation function, it’s very convenient to share your screen with your co-workers and the laptop riser is free installation.

Laptop Stand Riser

Note:1.You can adjust the comfortable height and angle, keep your eyes on the same level as your computer screen,

We recommend you adjust the elevation angle of laptop stand to 10-80 degrees .

2.When the dual shafts of the stand are in the vertical position to the table, Its maximum load capacity can be up to 5 KG (11.02LB).

To avoid the laptop stand from overturning backwards, Please do not exceed the load capacity and excessively tilt the two shafts .

Notebook Stand

  • 1.The laptop stand is free installation, do not disassemble or loosen the screws so as not to affect the service life.
  • 2.Laptop stand structure adopt aluminum alloy materials, it very fits for worker in office and home because of strong and sturdy feature.
  • 3.After the laptop stand is folded, you can choose drawers or bags for storage without too much space.


Aluminum Laptop Stand

  1. Non-slip: when you type, The silcone stickers on the front of laptop stand panel can prevent shaking very well.
  2. Anti-scratch: Silicone stickers on the hook can protect your computer when the hook collides the laptop stand with inclining panel .
  3. Protect: The silcone stickers on backside of laptop stand panel can protect aluminum surface when you fold it with excessive force.
  4. Anti-rollover: The silcone stickers on bottom of laptop stand increased friction with the desktop and keep stable


Laptop stand holder 1

Laptop stand holder 2

Laptop stand holder 3

Anti-Falling Hook on Panel

This hook allows you to tilt your computer to an angle without slipping down.

Every Smooth Edges for Laptop Stand

Fine polishing edges prevent wrists from being scratched for using a long time, more comfortable to use our laptop stand.

Any Angle Rotate with Dial

Don’t feel anxiety when you want to share with your computer screen with nearby colleagues, only just turn the laptop stand slightly to come true.

Laptop Riser


  1. Turn the hook to the logo ”Coolwill” side.
  2. Hold down the base with one hand, hold the hollow place and pull it up with the another hand.
  3. Adjust to a comfortable angle and height.


Notebook Riser


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