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Portable Blender, USB Rechargeable Mini Juicer Blender, Personal Size Blender for Juices, Shakes and Smoothies, Best gift for lovers to lover on..

Product Description


Fresh Fruit Juice – Shake the bottle to make the juice more delicate!!

The smoothie blender extracts healthy nutrition from fruits and vegetables you can enjoy fresh nutrition and a good leisure time. Eating Freshly Squeezed Juice Can Supplement Vitamins and Help Toxins From the Skin. It Has the Effect of Moisturizing, Whitening the Skin, and Plays a Lighter Effect. Drinking Pure Fruit Juice For a Long Time Can Improve Immunity.


Product Specifications:

  1. Volume: 390ml/12oz
  2. Main material: PCTG food grade
  3. Blade material: 304 stainless steel – four blades
  4. Motor speed: 18000-20000 rpm
  5. Working current: 12-20A
  6. Working voltage: DC7.4V
  7. Battery capacity: 1400mAh
  8. Charging time: about 3-5 hours
  9. Fully charged use time: 8-10 times





Multifunctional mixer, more convenient to carry


  1. The blender is perfect for making nutrient-dense single-serve juices, shakes, salads, juice blends, mixed fruit, vegetable juices, and other foods. You can drink nutritious juices, shakes or smoothies anytime, anywhere. Extract fresh nutrients and vitamins anytime, anywhere.
  2. The portable blender is made of high quality borosilicate glass, food grade material. It has a unique safety design including silicone bottom, anti-slip and shock absorption.


How to use:


  1. Fully charge the blender for 3~5 hours when using it for the first time. The blender does not work while charging. It can be charged through mobile power supply, adapter, car charger, computer USB interface, etc.
  2. Double click the switch to work, click the switch to stop working
  3. When using, please cut the fruit into small pieces, put it in milk or water, tilt the bottle at 45 degrees and shake it so that the blade fully touches the fruit. Don’t fill the bottle with fruits and vegetables.


Here are some first-time tips we hope will help you:


  1. Note that when charging normally, the light on the charger will light up like breathing. When fully charged, the indicator light is always on. If the light doesn’t come on, the charger may be making poor contact with the bottle. The juicer charger is a magnetic suction charger, please make sure that the magnetic suction points are completely matched, otherwise it cannot be charged.
  2. After fully charged, please clean the bottle, put the cut fruit into the bottle, then tighten the bottle cap and base, double-click the bottom button to turn on the machine. If you find that the machine won’t turn on and the button is flashing red, the cap or base is not tightened, please tighten it and try again.



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