Multipurpose Kitchen Scis...


Multipurpose Kitchen Scis...

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Multipurpose kitchen Scissors

Easy to use

Easy to clean

Serve as bottle opener

Cut vegetables

And all other food




Product description

Kitchen Shears for Chicken, Poultry, Fish, Food

Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors

Why choose ZUPAQUN multifunctional kitchen scissors?

1.This is Stainless steel Kitchen Shears pp material handle, stylish and anti-skid

2.High efficiency, high quality hardened stainless steel blade, suitable for any group

3.Add multifunctional kitchen scissors to the kitchen to increase the convenience and safety of life.

4.Easy to use. For those who often work in the kitchen, it can save time and increase efficiency.

5.Small size, light weight, easy to carry, no space to store food, meat, vegetables, chicken, poultry, fish, herbs, food packaging bags, etc.

6. You may need an extra pair to cut cardboard, paper, hard plastic for product packaging, trim rose stems, etc.

7.premium stainless steel blades and includes matching cover cases for protective storage.they can also enjoy the fun of cooking on their own.

 Kitchen Scissors

1.Easy to Clean,Dishwasher safe, but hand wash is recommended.

2.It is recommended to clean after use and wipe it dry before packing


 Scissors for Kitchen

1. Easily as nut cracker and bottle opener.

2.bottle opener and nutcracker.


 Multipurpose Stainless

1.Scissors are very sharp, please use them carefully.

2.High efficiency, high quality hardened stainless steel blade, suitable for any group


 Multipurpose Stainless

2-Pack Kitchen Shears

Attention: √.Scissors are very sharp, please be careful to use.

√.Keep the scissors out of the reach of children.

√.Please do not bake the scissors directly with fire or put it in water for too long.

√.We recommend washing them by hand and drying them well after washing so that the blades stay super sharp.

Safety and health Passed all food safety level tests

 Stainless Steel Sharp Cooking Scissors for Kitchen